Working with us

Our Culture

N-DNA refers to our unique culture and we are constantly looking for talented people who share our core beliefs and behaviours.  Click the N-DNA button to find out more!

Recruitment and Selection

NEPEAN Recruitment and Selection Principles are Intended to:

  • Ensure the best candidate is appointed for the job

  • Apply robust and transparent recruitment processes based on merit selection against the job criteria

  • Recruit individuals who demonstrate alignment and commitment to our vision and values and create a sustainable competitive advantage for our company

  • Ensure we comply with our legal and ethical obligations

Diversity and Equal Employment

Diversity in the products and services we offer is pivotal to our success; equally important is diversity in the people we employ. Our workforce is a combination of hard working and ambitious people with a wide range of skills, perspectives and experience. We aim to foster and nurture innovative and original thought and ideas so we can always achieve the best possible solution for our customers.

NEPEAN is committed to providing equal opportunity in all aspects of employment and will not tolerate discrimination, harassment or victimisation based on race, colour, religion, sex, national origin or any other protected class within the workplace.

Training and Development

At NEPEAN, we believe the development of our employees ensures the development of our business. NEPEAN encourages its employees to undertake personal and professional development activities to ensure a long and personally satisfying career within the company. We are committed to working alongside our employees so they may gain relevant skills and business related qualifications. NEPEAN strives to empower each staff member to realise their full potential.

Employee Benefits

As a NEPEAN employee you will have access to a range of exclusive employee benefits such as:

  • Company superannuation plan

  • Discounted banking and home loan options

  • Discounted gym membership

  • IT offers and discounts


"The experience of NEPEAN Conveyors is recognised by our growing list of high profile clients within the mining industry."

NEPEAN Conveyors is 100% Australian owned.

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