NEPEAN Conveyors Transfer Chutes are designed to reduce belt wear, material degradation, dust emissions and improve material flow.

Using DEM software, dynamic simulations test the material flow through the transfer to optimise transfer design.

The NEPEAN Conveyors soft loading hood and spoon style transfer chutes are modelled and designed to improve flow whilst reducing wear on chute liners and receiving conveyor covers.

By greatly reducing the impact angle of the receiving conveyor and speed matching the flow velocity to the receiving conveyor, many applications can be designed without the need for skirts or other material control measures as material boiling and impact loads are all but eliminated.

Fully adjustable to ensure optimum operation, designs are also available to permit varying incoming belt speeds (ie production speed and development speeds) where headroom permits. NEPEAN Conveyors transfers are open in design to eliminate blockage by foreign bodies such as roof bolts or slabbing material.

Full enclosed units are also available for environmentally sensitive applications and can be offered with flow diverter gates for multiple stream transfers.

Some common styles include:

Hood & Spoon Chutes
Fully adjustable design to optimise flow characteristics with multi-directional chutes. Dewatering facilities can be included in the fines tray and/or the spoon chute.

Inline Chutes
For dewatering and tripper/booster drive applications, inline chutes provide the ideal location for dewatering and tramp iron magnet stations.

The NEPEAN Conveyors modular designs allow for efficient transportation and installation of the Jib assembly. The two main options are roof and floor mounted jibs.

Floor Mounted
Floor mounted jibs are the quickest and safest jib design. NEPEAN Conveyors design and supply self-erecting jibs to cut installation time and offer the quickest and safest installation.

Roof Mounted
Where floor heave is an issue or real estate under the jib is taken, roof mounted Jibs offer an effective solution. Dead beatles fabricated to roof contours dramatically improve installation time.