NEPEAN Conveyors are the bulk materials handling industry leaders renowned for designing robust engineered solutions for the world’s major mining companies.

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Innovative conveyor technology is what we are known for and for over thirty years NEPEAN Conveyors has been at the forefront of manufacturing modular conveyor systems for the harshest of mining applications.

With decades of lessons learnt and in response to increasing requests from overland conveying customers for cost effective modular, reusable conveyor solutions, NEPEAN Conveyors latest offering is the patented NEPEAN Relocatable Conveyor.

The NEPEAN Relocatable Conveyor is a real game changer, an industry-first solution that considerably lowers capital and operational costs. The relocatable conveyor system is a fully engineered conveyor built into a certified CSC shipping container.

Installed power 75Kw 500Kw
Belt widths 900mm 1.6metre
Capacity 200 TPH 10,000 TPH
Idler spacing 1.2m 1.8m
Roller configuration 3 Roll 5 Roll
Horizonal curves 1000m
Vertical curves 700m

All modules are manufactured and assembled offshore with the ability to be transported by standard container shipping methods to anywhere in the world.

Our unique design allows for horizontal and vertical curves with belt widths from 1m to 1.6m wide with 3 roll or 5 roll idler configurations available. Idler spacing from 1.2m to 1.6m are catered for in the standard module design, or we can customise the design to meet specific requirements.

Larger belt widths of up to 1.8m can be accommodated on conveyors without horizontal curves. When you partner with NEPEAN Conveyors you get a complete solution, not just part of the supply. Our innovative design has all the system components you need for a fully operational, relocatable, reusable modular conveyor system, from our foundationless combination drive and loop take up, to our one-piece tail end loading station. We can provide everything you need in one low cost turn key system.

The key focus of NEPEAN Conveyors’ design is providing our customers with substantial reductions in capital cost, installation cost and duration. This world first design can be installed with minimal ground preparation. Each module has inbuilt levelling capability, so there is no need for time consuming detailed earth works or civil works, thus reducing its environmental footprint and reducing the need for rehabilitation of the land.

Combine this with the logistics benefits of a standard shipping container and you have a system that can be quickly and easily installed and moved between satellite mine sites or mining areas.

The modular and relocatable aspects of the NEPEAN Relocatable Conveyor mean for the first time a surface conveyor system can be hired, leased or financed to operations. The ability to finance or lease now offers the industry lower operating costs, avoiding the up front capital costs of purchasing a system.