We manufacture and supply a comprehensive range of oil immersed multi-plate disc brakes specifically designed for dynamic braking of belt conveyor systems.

Benefits of NEPEAN Designs:

  • Robust: Long service life due to superior engineering and constant immersion in lubrication.​
  • Compliance As an OEM, NEPEAN Conveyors braking systems are supplied in accordance with relevant standards and guidelines.
  • Compact: The most advanced, compact oil-immersed multi-plate design. Safe Spring Applied Hydraulic Release operation (SAHR) ensures fail to safe application of brake during power loss situation
  • Stand-Alone Power: Dedicated power unit provides hydraulic pressure and brake control

NEPEAN Conveyors Braking Key Features

  • Energy efficient (low breakaway mass)
  • Manufactured in accordance with ISO 9001
  • Compact oil immersed multi-plate
  • Spring applied hydraulic release operation
  • Fail-safe application of brake during power-loss situation
  • Dynamic capacities ranging from 1,000Nm to 160,000Nm (standard range)
  • Gearbox mounted or pulley shaft mounted designs
  • High thermal capacity
  • PLC controlled deceleration rate
  • Manual brake release function
  • Engineering cooling solutions (if required)
  • Long service life due to constant immersion in lubricating oil bath
  • Explosion proof controllers and power units available
  • Special designs available upon request
  • Brake wear indicators available

Brake Model Dynamic Capacity
Typical Shaft Mounting Maximum Speed (rpm)
WB160 100-160 Pulley 150
WB100 60-100 Pulley 150
WB060 12-30 Pulley 150
WB012 6-12 Reducer 1800
WB006 0-6 Reducer 1800