Upgrades and Overhauls

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  • We foster new ideas and innovative solutions
  • We have a thirst for knowledge and for finding better ways of doing things, resulting in more insightful thinking and smart ways of working together
  • We are stream specialists, respected because we are technical expert

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  • ISO 9001 accredited and in-house RPEQ approvals, specifications and standards
  • Design and development in compliance with industry
  • Sophisticated management tools
  • Complete documentation processes including operation and maintenance manuals in accordance with industry specifications
  • IT integration with customers for secure data exchange and management
  • Operating with the latest design software including:
    – Discrete element modelling on all chutes/transfers
    – Finite element analyses
    – 3D modelling
    – Detail engineering design
    – Static and dynamic conveyor system design and simulation
    – Exclusive NEPEAN Conveyor designed software package developed in-house
  • Global supply chain and networks.