As a NEPEAN employee you will be part of NEPEAN-DNA – N-DNA.

N-DNA is part of our core belief and behaviours and
is our unique way to:

  • Engage our customers

  • Inspire our people

  • Spend our time smartly because of the way we do things

How we do things at NEPEAN – our N-DNA culture:

  • Our beliefs, behaviour and the way we do things will help
    us beat our competitors

  • Our approach will inspire our people and our customers

  • We back our leaders and entrepreneurship

  • Great culture beats great strategy; that is why our PEOPLE
    are so important

  • Our teams will be the best in your business

Our Managers are the leaders of “N-DNA”, they:

  • Get things done

  • Make good decisions

  • Influence people & build relationships

  • Have strong business acumen

  • Attract and admire passion, positivity and commitment

  • Are restless with the status quo

  • Are driven to win

  • Are relentlessly focused on competitive advantage

  • Know how to win irrespective of tough markets

  • Have the hardball mindset

  • Are eager to explore new approaches to their work

  • Raise the performance bar and they like to be stretched

  • Remain optimistic when the score is against them

  • Love their work, feel empowered, take ownership and feel committed to the organisation.

We believe in our purpose: NEPEAN and N-DNA is critical to so many industries and people:

  • Mining – coal, production of steel, power, heat, comfort and the modern lifestyle in developing nations for a chance at life we take for granted

  • Transport – roads are safer, enabling joys of travel, global connectivity globally

  • Engineering – manufacturing the backbone of Australian technical projects and infrastructure, holding a skill base of manufacturing that is an imperative for every self-sufficient economy

  • NB&I – service and access to global or local products for buildings

  • Property – providing homes in more affordable communities so everybody can have a chance at the Australian dream

  • Unlock and bring to the world Australian innovation