Tripper Drives

NEPEAN Conveyors have managed large scale, high production conveyor installations that have resulted in a wealth of accurate and trustworthy knowledge on the implementation and control of conveyor tripper systems.

In association with NEPEAN Power, our tripper drives are able to seamlessly communicate with the drivehead, regardless of the drive technology employed.

NEPEAN Conveyors engage the latest technology and software to analyse conveyor systems during design to ensure the location of the new equipment is optimised. We understand the principles of load-sharing and use this to maximise the productivity of every system.

Expertise in Engineering Design
Our engineering team carefully conducts power and tension analysis to accurately locate new tripper equipment to maximise the productivity of each system. Also, by utilising advanced software such as DEM and FEA analysis, NEPEAN Conveyors accurately predict the flow behaviours of the material at the time of conception, ensuring a smooth transition of the material burden.

Braking Trippers

When conveyors require braking or regenerative power, NEPEAN Conveyors understands the requirement to properly distribute braking power via brake trippers. NEPEAN Conveyors always aim to provide the safest and most innovative engineering solutions.

Dewatering and Magnet Options
The NEPEAN Conveyors dewatering stations can be designed into powered or non-powered trippers. NEPEAN Conveyors offers primary and/or secondary dewatering options, to remove excess water from the conveyed product reducing load, clean-up and having an impact on safety.

Magnet stations can also be used to provide further belt protection.