Pulley Refurbishment

NEPEAN’s in-house engineering capability ensures each refurbishment is analysed to ensure we provide the client with a detailed report on the status of the pulley.

NEPEAN Conveyors have the capability to fully refurbish live and dead shaft pulleys.
Our specilised inhouse capability allows for safe and efficient dismantling deadshaft/
liveshaft pulleys and NDT to shafts and shells to ensure structural integrity of existing components.

Our employees are OEM trained in the latest technology and our advance planning systems ensure quick turnaround to minimize customer downtime. By using the latest technology in bearings, housings, seals and locking assemblies we can ensure that the pulleys we refurbish can be restored to its original state, or better.

NEPEAN In-house Refurbishing Capabilities:

  • Shaft machining with the latest CNC technology
  • Shell reclamation
  • Horizontal boring
  • Root cause failure analysis
  • Re-lagging (click here)
  • Machining of pulley face and poly-lagging up to the largest pulleys
  • Manufacture, supply and fitments of drive couplings (can be included at HD Pulley section)
  • Painting to the most stringent and demanding standards
  • Enviropeel surface protection​

Pulley Refurbishment Services Offered:

  • Detailed comprehensive strip report
  • Timely turnaround
  • Safe packaging for transport & storage
  • Single point of contact
  • Special one off requirements
  • Different lagging options – rubber, plain ceramic, knurled ceramic, poly lagging and direct ceramic bonding
  • Non-destructive testing –for shells & shafts
  • All new shafts are material certified for integrity
  • Modification/upgrades of pulleys
  • Assistance with site standardization /rationalization
  • Design check the failure pulley upon request
  • Polyurethane protection for salt applications
  • Advance Duo Cone sealing’s arrangements
  • Advance Protective Paint (Enviropeel spray) for bearing housings
  • Modifications to existing Pulleys
  • Fitment of Speed Flags
  • Stackable Storage and Transport Cradles upon request
  • Corrosion Inhibiting Plastic Storage Wrapping (shrink wrapping)

Benefits of Refurbishment:

  • Cost effective
  • Agreed delivery time – quick turn around
  • Adaptable to customer’s needs – trials
  • Access to NEPEAN expert engineering
  • As new reliable product