Mobile Systems

Jiffy 75

“This is where it all started, we have been supplying Jiffy’s to the mining industry for well over 20 years. The Jiffy drive is the perfect solution to short centred conveyors that require a cost effective, simple and reliable solution.”

The industry leader in conveyor systems suitable for rapid deployment during mine development, each system incorporates a jib, drivehead and loop-take-up into a readily transportable system, saving thousands of installation hours every year.


  • Hydraulically actuating wheels for transport
  • 7.6 metre static Loop Take-Up (LTU) and winch
  • Powered by a single 75kW fluid coupling drive unit
  • Simplest, most cost effective

Key Facts:

  • Installed Power: 75kW
  • Max.Belt Width/Type: 1200mm/Type 6
  • Capacity at 300 tph: 400m @ 40m lift, 1100 @ 0m lift
  • Belt Speed: 2.5m/s
  • Belt Storage: 7.6m
  • Winch: Hand operated

Nifty 150

“The 150kW Nifty 150 Development Conveyor was designed and developed off the success of the Jiffy drive and from recognition that our customers demanded longer development conveyor solutions.”

The NEPEAN Conveyors 150kW Nifty evolved from the success of the Jiffy. In keeping with the functions that are fundamental to a rapid deployment solution such as fast and easy
transport, installation and removal, the Nifty 150 is a longer, more powerful development conveyor.


  • Semi-live 19m LTU system and elective winch
  • Powered by either 2 x 75kW or a single 150kW fluid coupling drive
  • When coupled to the extendable jib frame, the Nifty is suited for use over any transfer point

Key Facts:

  • Installed Power: 150kW
  • Max.Belt Width/Type: 1200mm/Type 8
  • Capacity at 300 tph: 2000m @ 0m lift, 1500 @ 40m lift, 1000m @80m lift
  • Belt Speed: 2.4m/s
  • Belt Storage: 19m
  • Winch: 15kW Semi Live

Hefty 300

“The 300kW Hefty 300 Development Conveyor takes the notion of “more power” to a level that was rarely achieved in underground coal mining. The Hefty is transported in 2 complete assemblies then bolted together and erected in a simple, hydraulically assisted manner that has seen installation times slashed by up to 80%.”

The NEPEAN Conveyors 300kW Hefty is the largest and most powerful system available. With 300kW of power, customers are able to use longer single flights with less cost and downtime associated with combining smaller systems.

The Hefty 300 allows for increased LTU capacity and belt stretch associated with development systems up to 4km long. Transported in two complete assemblies, erection is hydraulically assisted, cutting installation time significantly.


  • Live or semi-live 29m LTU and electric winch
  • Maintains complete control over operating belt tensions and stretch
  • Powered by dual 150kW drive units
  • Hydraulic actuating legs to assist with rapid installation
  • Upgradable to provide additional LTU capacity totalling 41.4m of semi-live LTU storage

Key Facts:

  • Installed Power: 300kW
  • Max.Belt Width/Type: 1200mm/Type 8
  • Capacity at 300 tph: 4000m @ 0m lift, 3700 @ 40m lift, 3250m @80m lift
  • Belt Speed: 2.4m/s
  • Belt Storage: 30m
  • Winch: 15kW Semi Live

Hefty 300 XL


“The Hefty 300 can be upgraded to the ultimate XL package which adds another 11.7m of LTU capacity taking the total storage capacity to 41.4m.”