Belt Maintenance Equipment

NEPEAN Conveyors reelers, belt clamps and splice table systems are proven to reduce conveyor downtime when used in conjunction with our belt storage units and constant tension winches.

NEPEAN Conveyors can adopt a belt maintenance system appropriate to project budget and requirements.

Common styles include:

Universal Belt Reeler
NEPEAN Conveyors Universal Belt

Reeler combines hydraulically activated belt clamps and pinch rollers to manipulate the conveyor belt onto the splice deck or built-in belt reeler. The universal belt reeler is a cost effective solution for development conveyors.

Slew Reeler
The slew reeler provides safe and efficient belt change out in advancing/retreating conveyor systems. With the Longwall on stand-by, it is beneficial that the slew reeler not only winds the belt on square and true. With near 360 degree slew capability, our system delivers full 250m rolls of belt perpendicular to the beltline for fast replacement of the belt, significantly reducing Longwall downtime so production can resume sooner.

A-Frame Belt Reeler
Designed to cater for installations of heavy conveyor belts, long centred overland conveyors and decline and yard conveyors. The A-frame belt reeler is also suited for use with racetrack reels pinch roller designed to eliminate manual operator handling when used in conjunction with our belt storage system and slew reeler.

Electro-Hydraulic Power Packs
NEPEAN Conveyors Power Packs provide reliable and safe hydraulic power and flow to all of the belt maintenance equipment. NEPEAN Conveyors Hydraulic Power Packs are individually engineered to provide an ergonomic, central control station such that a single operator can control the entire process.

Belt Clamps
Manual, hydraulic or spring-operated, with safety in mind, NEPEAN Conveyors Belt Clamps feature limit switches, preventing conveyor start when clamps are not fully released. Power is supplied via electro-hydraulic units or self-contained hand pumps.

Splicing Stations

NEPEAN Conveyors work platforms are designed and manufactured to suit splicing patterns in accordance with each system’s conveyor belt.